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Project Cases

As a reliable manufacturer of heat transfer products, WANXIANG has long established good reputation in this industry, proving quality equipment to companies in various industries, such as the power and energy industry, photovoltaic industry, industrial refrigeration industry, chemical industry, automobile manufacturing industry, metallurgical machinery industry and food industry. Among all our clients, there are such well-known enterprises, like Bosch, SAIC Motor, Baosteel, Tsingtao, Carlsberg and Lock & Lock.

All the above companies have adopted our quality cooling equipment, like the closed circuit cooling tower, open cooling tower, evaporative condenser and combined module cooling tower, in their production systems. For more information about our products or our company, please click the “industrial circle” and “civil circle” or contact us directly through telephones or emails. You will be sincerely welcomed. We are waiting for cooperation with you.