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    1. FBH Combined Flow Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

      This combined flow closed circuit cooling tower could effectively cool the designated apparatus. The heat of flowing fluid inside the coils will be transferred by coils to the spay water which, being heated, becomes saturated vapor. The heat will be then exhausted by the draught fan and the water will be recollected by the catch basin and then be cycled again.

    1. FBHL Crossflow Cooling Tower

      The FBHL crossflow cooling tower provided by WANXIANG is reliable cooling equipment designed with a combined multi-module structure. The single module cooling tower is dissected into smaller upper box and lower box, bringing convenience to transportation and filed disassembly and avoiding the long occupation of the construction site.

    1. FBN Counterflow Cooling Tower

      The incoming air flows in counter direction with the water spray, and then turns into saturated vapors. The heat of the vapor will be exhausted by the wind fans on the top part and the water will be recollected by the catch basin and recycled again.

    1. FBNF Combined Wet-Dry Cooling Tower

      This FBNFcombined wet-dry cooling tower provided by WANXIANG is a reliable energy-efficient combined cooling equipment which, combined by the closed circuit cooling tower and the finned air cooler, could operate at both modes or at an alternating mode. When the temperature is quite high, this combined cooling tower could start the water spray system.

    1. FKHL Crossflow Cooling TowerThis combined flow closed circuit cooling tower enjoys a large inside space which brings convenience to you during inspection and maintenance. Entering the tower through the access door, operator or inspector could go to check such key components as the coils and spray system directly.
    1. FKN Counterflow Cooling TowerThe FKN Counterflow Cooling Tower provided by WANXIANG is a highly reliable cooling apparatus designed with the PVC radiating fins which enjoy a larger space to install necessary components. The whole tower casing of this open cooling equipment is perfectly sealed, effectively preventing sundries from entering.
    1. FKH Cooling Tower with Sidestream Filtration

      The FKH cooling tower with side-stream filtration WANXIANG provides to you is a highly efficient industrial cooling apparatus that could be equipped with PVC cooling fins of higher cooling capacity. Its cooling fillers could keep sound hydrophilia for a much longer time, effectively reducing the linear pressure loss and enjoying a greater cooling performance.

    1. Parallel Flow Evaporative CondenserThe parallel flow evaporative condenser provided by WANXIANG is reliable industrial condenser enjoying a user-friendly design. Of a large access door, this efficient evaporative condenser has a big inner space which could allow the operator or inspector to conduct maintenance quite easily. You can inspect the floating ball valve and filter without turning it off.
    1. Counterflow Evaporative Condenser

      The counterflow evaporative condenser provided by WANXIANG is a specially designed low noise cooling apparatus whose bottom part is inclined to the drain outlet and the heat transfer layer made of PVC fillers is hanged. This elaborate design has made it easier for the sewage and sundries to get out of the condenser.

    1. CoilThis low carbon steel coil WANXIANG provides is a reliable cooling equipment accessory made of quality low carbon steel pipes which have gone through the classification tests and three 2.5MPa pressure tests. It is highly resistive to the corrosion because the overall pipe has been galvanized in the high temperature melting tank.
    1. FillFill is quite essential for the cooling equipment. The cooling fill our cooling towers equipped with is selected according to the following technical and economical factors: the type of the cooling tower, thermal performance, atmospheric conditions, production materials, maintenance, circulating water quality and production cost.
    1. FanFan is a crucial exhaust device for the cooling tower, which exhausts the hot air out of the tower. Its bracket and air duct are both made of hot-dip galvanized steels. Specifically, the air duct employs quality steel rings which are as thick as 4mm. The fan blades are made of hollow aluminum alloy which is used in the aviation industry.
    1. Spray SystemSpray system is an essential component of cooling equipment and plays an important role in the cooling process. Adopting the water distribution way of a balanced reservoir, the highly efficient spray system our cooling tower equipped with is credited for its even and intensive spraying performance and its removable spray nozzle which is quite easy to clean.
    1. Cold Water BasinThe cold water basin of our cooling tower is an important cooling equipment accessory enjoys a tilt bottom which reduces the operating weight of the cooling equipment and avoids the breeding of algal fungi in the backwater. There is an L-shape sewage draining exit at the concave of the lowest part of the basin bottom.
    1. Air Inlet LouverAir inlet louver is an important part for a cooling tower. The cross-flow louver and the lateral-flow louver our cooling tower equipped with adopts air deflectors made of wide SGCD with stiffening ribs, which ensure the stability of the operating equipment and direct the air flow in a better way. The counter-flow air inlet louver, of a grille type, is made of quality PVC materials and quite easy to replace.
    1. CasingThe casing is an important cooling equipment part. Made of the quality 2mm-thick SGLD, the casing we provide has gone though such processes as punching and flanging and been assembled without welding. The supporting columns are made of hot-dip galvanized steels and enjoy best mechanical strength.

General Features of Our Cooling Equipment

1. Thermal Performance of Our Cooling Tower
Based on our thermal performance test laboratory and product data bank, WANXIANG has designed and developed various new cooling equipment according to market’s needs. Our rich experience in the design, manufacture and technological application of cooling machinery ensures the scientific designs and reliable performances of our products which all have been certified to the STD-201S standard of CTI.

2. Structure Features of Our Cooling Towers
Such major parts of our cooling tower as the casing, water basin, water distribution system, bracket and air duct are all made of G235 (Z700) steel plates of which, each square meter plate is plated with 700g Zinc. Therefore, the tower enjoys greater mechanical strength, sound stability, good resistance to corrosion and heat insulation. Meanwhile, thanks to its firm steel structure, this equipment is highly wind-resistive and free and its parts would never fall off.

Moreover, the tower casing, water spray system, draining system and water basin are designed and made based on over 10 patent technologies in China.

3. The dimension of our cooling equipment is decided partly by the specifications of general material. Therefore, our product is easier for shipment by truck, ship and container, and could satisfy the requirements of hoisting operation.

4. All our equipment is attached with a bottom stand which is directly connected to the water basin. Therefore, it has lower requirement for the ground condition.

Easy Maintenance

1. The H/HL closed circuit cooling tower and open cooling tower WANXIANG provides enjoy large inside space which, allowing operator or serviceman to get into the tower, makes it convenient to readjust the exhaust system and replace parts;

2. The PVC cooling fin of the H/HL cooling tower is removable and quite easy to clean;

3. The water spray system of the H/HL cooling tower is installed outside the tower, making it easier for operators to adjust the spry pipe and nozzle.

4. The ladder-like pitched discharge coil could effectively reduce the operating weight, avoiding the growth of algae in the water storage area and making it easier to clean the deposited dirt.

5. The drainage rate of the discharge coil could reach 98% and the water left would not result in frost crack. For more information about coil maintenance, please resort to the product manual.

Fewer Incrustations in the Coils
1. HHL closed circuit cooling tower is equipped with specially designed coils which could effectively avoid the formation of incrustations. The PVC cooling fins of the tower could thoroughly cool the spray water which, with the synergistic effect of the water flow and air flow, could cover the entire surface of the coils. As the result, materials contained in the water such as the calcium and magnesium ions could hardly get active and form the incrustation.
2. Equipped with the plate type heat exchanger, our cooling tower is much easier to clean. Any dirt or incrustation on the plate could be removed by the steel wire brush.

Low Noise
The HLN closed circuit cooling tower and open cooling tower, with a scientific noise-control design, could keep the operating noise to a much lower level. Equipped with a heavy-caliber air duct and wide fan blades, this type of cooling tower could keep the noise at dB59-69. Moreover, as there are some pre-reserved flange planes around the brims of the air duct, silencer pot could be added there, reducing the noise to dB50.

Shipment, Installation and Ground Condition
In consideration of easy and safe shipment, we will dissect every cooling tower into several integral modules. Those of large sizes would be divided into two parts--the upper and lower parts, quite easy to install at the working field, helping you to save the manpower (the connection instruction is offered to you). In the harshest condition, the equipment could be simply placed on the bearing surface or a bar-shape concrete base as tall as 300mm.

Environment Friendliness and Longer Mechanical Lifespan
All the steels used in the production and installation of our equipment are environment friendly, highly resistive to corrosion and would be recycled as they come to the end of their service life which usually lasts for 15 years.