Cooling Tower Parts

    1. CoilThis low carbon steel coil WANXIANG provides is a reliable cooling equipment accessory made of quality low carbon steel pipes which have gone through the classification tests and three 2.5MPa pressure tests. It is highly resistive to the corrosion because the overall pipe has been galvanized in the high temperature melting tank.
    1. FillFill is quite essential for the cooling equipment. The cooling fill our cooling towers equipped with is selected according to the following technical and economical factors: the type of the cooling tower, thermal performance, atmospheric conditions, production materials, maintenance, circulating water quality and production cost.
    1. FanFan is a crucial exhaust device for the cooling tower, which exhausts the hot air out of the tower. Its bracket and air duct are both made of hot-dip galvanized steels. Specifically, the air duct employs quality steel rings which are as thick as 4mm. The fan blades are made of hollow aluminum alloy which is used in the aviation industry.
    1. Spray SystemSpray system is an essential component of cooling equipment and plays an important role in the cooling process. Adopting the water distribution way of a balanced reservoir, the highly efficient spray system our cooling tower equipped with is credited for its even and intensive spraying performance and its removable spray nozzle which is quite easy to clean.
    1. Cold Water BasinThe cold water basin of our cooling tower is an important cooling equipment accessory enjoys a tilt bottom which reduces the operating weight of the cooling equipment and avoids the breeding of algal fungi in the backwater. There is an L-shape sewage draining exit at the concave of the lowest part of the basin bottom.
    1. Air Inlet LouverAir inlet louver is an important part for a cooling tower. The cross-flow louver and the lateral-flow louver our cooling tower equipped with adopts air deflectors made of wide SGCD with stiffening ribs, which ensure the stability of the operating equipment and direct the air flow in a better way. The counter-flow air inlet louver, of a grille type, is made of quality PVC materials and quite easy to replace.
    1. CasingThe casing is an important cooling equipment part. Made of the quality 2mm-thick SGLD, the casing we provide has gone though such processes as punching and flanging and been assembled without welding. The supporting columns are made of hot-dip galvanized steels and enjoy best mechanical strength.

Welcome to the page of cooling tower parts! As a reliable and professional manufacturer devoted to the R&D and manufacture of the cooling equipment and heat transfer products, WANXIANG has provided various types of quality cooling machineries to our customers.

Except our main products, such as the closed circuit cooling tower, open cooling tower, evaporative condenser, plate heat transfer unit and industrial chiller, we also provide various quality cooling tower parts and accessories for heat transfer products to customers, like the coils, cooling fillers, exhaust fans, spray devices, cold water basins, air-inlet grilles and casing of the cooling tower. If you are interested in the above products, please contact us at any time. We are sincerely waiting for cooperation with you.