Evaporative Condenser

    1. Parallel Flow Evaporative CondenserThe parallel flow evaporative condenser provided by WANXIANG is reliable industrial condenser enjoying a user-friendly design. Of a large access door, this efficient evaporative condenser has a big inner space which could allow the operator or inspector to conduct maintenance quite easily. You can inspect the floating ball valve and filter without turning it off.
    1. Counterflow Evaporative Condenser

      The counterflow evaporative condenser provided by WANXIANG is a specially designed low noise cooling apparatus whose bottom part is inclined to the drain outlet and the heat transfer layer made of PVC fillers is hanged. This elaborate design has made it easier for the sewage and sundries to get out of the condenser.


In addition to the air-cooled condenser and filling type condenser, WANXIANG also provides to customers the evaporative condenser, a reliable and efficient heat transfer apparatus equipped with advanced descaling instrument that could effectively descale the incrustation, sterilize the water and remove the algae inside. When it is connected to the 220V power supply, the condenser could effectively process the cycled water, preventing the incrustation from depositing in the coils and fillers.

The SWL evaporative condenser employ a cooling water spray system equipped with a large anti-congestion basket type nozzle which could ensure the water to be sprayed evenly on the surface of the coils and cover the a maximum area with the help of wind. Therefore, the water, air and cooling agents could effectively contact with each other and promote the heat transfer performance. Meanwhile, the nozzle of this evaporative condenser is directly connected to the spray pipe and quite easy to remove as you want to clean the pipe.

The removable dehydrator of this evaporative cooling device, which is designed by our company, is made of quality PVC that is highly resistive to corrosion. Of a unique structure, the dehydrator could effectively remove the moistures in the coils and control the slash rate under 0.001% by making the airflow go forward in three different directions respectively. When you clean the dehydrator or fillers, you can easily remove it.

Moreover, the specially designed PVC cellular cross-flow fillers and the cross-flow wind supply system could to the largest degree help promote the cooling performance of the evaporative condenser. At the same time, this PVC filler could stand the 68°C water and is highly resistive to flames, aging and deformation. Given to the above fact, this evaporative condenser has been adopted in many cooling systems in both the civilian and industrial areas. It has become a necessary auxiliary apparatus for refrigeration storage.