Open Cooling Tower

    1. FKHL Crossflow Cooling TowerThis combined flow closed circuit cooling tower enjoys a large inside space which brings convenience to you during inspection and maintenance. Entering the tower through the access door, operator or inspector could go to check such key components as the coils and spray system directly.
    1. FKN Counterflow Cooling TowerThe FKN Counterflow Cooling Tower provided by WANXIANG is a highly reliable cooling apparatus designed with the PVC radiating fins which enjoy a larger space to install necessary components. The whole tower casing of this open cooling equipment is perfectly sealed, effectively preventing sundries from entering.
    1. FKH Cooling Tower with Sidestream Filtration

      The FKH cooling tower with side-stream filtration WANXIANG provides to you is a highly efficient industrial cooling apparatus that could be equipped with PVC cooling fins of higher cooling capacity. Its cooling fillers could keep sound hydrophilia for a much longer time, effectively reducing the linear pressure loss and enjoying a greater cooling performance.


The open cooling tower is a professional re-circulating cooling system designed and manufactured by WANXIANG. This heat rejection device is highly credited for its cooling performance. As it is equipped with a spray water system, the recycled water is sprayed to the fiber glasses---the cooling filler and the heat will be transferred as the water contact the air and then be exhausted by the wind fans. The PVC drenching fillers inside the tower could reduce the water evaporation loss and lower the water splash loss to 0.5%.

Moreover, there is a large water pool attached to this open cooling tower, which brings convenience to users and is easier to descale, clean, inspect and maintain. As this open cooling tower employs a modular structure, users could arrange the equipment according to the real working condition. Now there are multiple types of this open cooling tower available for you including the FRP cooling towers, round cooling towers, square cooling towers, mechanical draft cooling towers, and natural draft cooling tower.