Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

    1. FBH Combined Flow Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

      This combined flow closed circuit cooling tower could effectively cool the designated apparatus. The heat of flowing fluid inside the coils will be transferred by coils to the spay water which, being heated, becomes saturated vapor. The heat will be then exhausted by the draught fan and the water will be recollected by the catch basin and then be cycled again.

    1. FBHL Crossflow Cooling Tower

      The FBHL crossflow cooling tower provided by WANXIANG is reliable cooling equipment designed with a combined multi-module structure. The single module cooling tower is dissected into smaller upper box and lower box, bringing convenience to transportation and filed disassembly and avoiding the long occupation of the construction site.

    1. FBN Counterflow Cooling Tower

      The incoming air flows in counter direction with the water spray, and then turns into saturated vapors. The heat of the vapor will be exhausted by the wind fans on the top part and the water will be recollected by the catch basin and recycled again.

    1. FBNF Combined Wet-Dry Cooling Tower

      This FBNFcombined wet-dry cooling tower provided by WANXIANG is a reliable energy-efficient combined cooling equipment which, combined by the closed circuit cooling tower and the finned air cooler, could operate at both modes or at an alternating mode. When the temperature is quite high, this combined cooling tower could start the water spray system.


The closed circuit cooling tower WANXIANG provides is highly reliable cooling equipment for you. Equipped with a tubular transfer installed inside, this closed circuit cooling tower could effectively cool the water by ventilation, water spray and heat transference. The closed water recycling system it employs could ensure the water to be free from contamination and promote the operation efficiency of the main equipment. The water spray system could be turned off to save water if the outside temperature is quite low.

Advantages of Closed Circuit Cooling Tower
1. The enclosed cooling medium cycling system this industrial cooling tower employs could prevent other unwanted stuff entering the system and avoid evaporation of the cooling medium.
2. Using soft water as its cooling medium, the circulating water cooling system is free from congestions and mechanical faults caused by the deposits.
3. The double cooling systems-the air cooling system and the spray water cooling system this intelligent cooling tower is equipped with enable it to enjoy a quite efficient cooling performance.
4. Of a smaller size, this closed circuit cooling tower is quite easy to move and you don’t have to bother to build a pond for it.
5. Its automatic control system which is easy to operate could change the cooling modes automatically according to the virtual operating situation.
6. This energy-saving cooling tower could be applied to cool non corrosive materials, such as quenching liquid, oils, alcohols and etc. Its cooling medium whose constituents are quite stable will not get evaporated.

Application of Closed Circuit Cooling Tower
1. This heat rejection machinery could be used for the cooling of induction heating and metal smelting equipment, such as the High frequency quenching equipment, middle frequency quenching equipment, middle frequency power supply, electric furnace, induction heating furnace and holding furnace.
2. It could be applied to various reactors in the chemical industry as well as the evaporative condenser.
3. This energy-efficient closed circuit cooling tower is suitable for the cooling of large motor, diesel engine, rectifying installation, welding equipment, hydraulic power unit and continuous casting equipment.
4. This closed circuit cooling tower could be used to cool such large molding equipment as the metal die-casting mold and injection mold.
5. This closed circuit heat rejection device could effectively cool the industrial solutions, such as the quenching liquid and the electroplate liquid.